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Podcast with Andy Brantley: Finding Future Leaders While Managing Change

I had a great conversation this week with our board member, Andy Brantley.  Andy is the CEO of CUPA-HR, and spends a lot of his time helping HR professionals in higher education by providing the knowledge, resources, advocacy and connections they need to achieve organizational and workforce excellence.

Andy contributed a chapter to our latest book, Elements of Successful Organizations, regarding what organizations can do to find and develop the leaders they need now – and in the future.   In it, he discusses the challenges that organizations face in a VUCA world; i.e. one characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.  He posits that leaders who can manage successfully in the VUCA world need not only time-tested skills like the ability to learn, assimilate and build, but also the ability to embrace new technologies and techniques like smart mob organizing to unleash the power of their teams and organizations.

Of course you should read the book.  But if you’d like to hear from the author himself, you can listen in on our discussion here: June 11 Discussion with Andy Brantley

Tweeting about Sports Hooky

Our recent global survey revealed that many workers have skipped work to watch sports or recover from watching sports.  Here in Boston, I have many bedraggled co-workers today who stayed up until midnight last night to watch the Celtics beat the Heat.

On Monday, we hosted a tweet chat to discuss and debate the results of our survey.  Similar to the feedback we heard from our survey participants, offering flex time and paid time off are seen as effective strategies to mitigate the costs of unplanned absenteeism.  You can view the transcript (tweetscript?) of the chat below and see what HR experts Sue Meisinger, John Hollon, Mollie Lombardi, William Tincup and others have to say about sports hooky, and how to minimize its impact on your organization.

Sidelined by Sports Tweet Chat

Tweet Monday About Skipping Work for Sports

We’re hosting a Tweet Chat on Monday, June 4 about our recent Sidelined by Sports survey.  You can join us to “talk” about the results from this survey.  The Tweet Chat will be moderated by @KronosInc.  I (@WF_Institute) will be serving as community moderator and we’ll be joined by Workforce Institute board members & other industry influencers who’ve agreed to participate.

Here are the questions we’ll be discussing:

  • Q1: Were you surprised by how high – or how low – the numbers of people who call in sick to watch sports were in the US? What about globally?
  • Q2: For those of you with experience travelling to or working in India and China – why do you think their responses were so much higher?
  • Q3: What about feeling guilty about calling in – a lot of people did – but they still do it. Were you surprised those numbers were so high?
  • Q4: Employees around the world seemed to feel that working flexible hours would be the best way to solve this problem – do you agree?
  • Q5: We’ve found that giving hourly employees control over the hours they work can have a big impact on job satisfaction. Has anyone seen this in action?
  • Q6: The big global sporting event on the horizon is the Olympics – what would you suggest employers do to help minimize unplanned absences around this time?
  • Q7: Ok…fess up – what sport are you most likely to call in sick over? If not a sport, what activity would you most like to undertake on a day off?

If you’ve never participated in a Tweet Chat before, here are some logistical tips:

  • Sign up for twitter if you don’t already have an account.
  • We suggest using a free tool called to facilitate your participation in the chat.  Enter the hashtag without the “#” (kronoschat) for this event where indicated at the top of the homepage.   Note that you don’t have to add the “#” as does that for you.
  • You can tweet directly from, which will automatically include the hashtag (#kronoschat)  at the end of your tweets for you. The tool will display all tweets using our hashtag  in sequence, real-time and conveniently filtering out the noise from your twitter home feed.
  • Please answer questions in the following format: (A1: Answer goes here #kronoschat). Answers to questions must   include “A” and the question number. If you simply want to comment or reply to another’s response then there is no need to include A and number.
  • Please be sure to include the following hashtag in all tweets: #kronoschat. This hashtag allows Twitter users to participate and follow the Tweet Chat.  Again, if you use, it will supply the hashtag for you.

Hope to see you Monday!