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Talent Management Primary Research Project

Kronos’ Talent Management Division kicked off a primary research project to learn more about effective on-boarding processes.  We want to recruit companies to participate in a free research study.

Why would a company want to participate?

Companies that partcipate will get insights into what practices help to engage and retain employees.  This reseach, valued at least $40,000, is free. 

What are the requirements?
• Must have at least 1000 employees to have enough “new hires”.
• There should be 10-20 frontline managers or supervisors
• Ideally, should have multiple sites.

What do I do if I want to nominate someone?

Send email to Nina Giovannelli  (
or call her at 978 947 2775.  Provide the contact information, and the customer employee count and number of locations, if possible. We’ll review the candidate profile, and if they qualify, one of the researchers will contact them.

How can I learn more?

Attached are additional documents, including Autumn’s slides, Project description with time line, and a customer-facing letter.

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