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Tweet Monday About Skipping Work for Sports

We’re hosting a Tweet Chat on Monday, June 4 about our recent Sidelined by Sports survey.  You can join us to “talk” about the results from this survey.  The Tweet Chat will be moderated by @KronosInc.  I (@WF_Institute) will be serving as community moderator and we’ll be joined by Workforce Institute board members & other industry influencers who’ve agreed to participate.

Here are the questions we’ll be discussing:

  • Q1: Were you surprised by how high – or how low – the numbers of people who call in sick to watch sports were in the US? What about globally?
  • Q2: For those of you with experience travelling to or working in India and China – why do you think their responses were so much higher?
  • Q3: What about feeling guilty about calling in – a lot of people did – but they still do it. Were you surprised those numbers were so high?
  • Q4: Employees around the world seemed to feel that working flexible hours would be the best way to solve this problem – do you agree?
  • Q5: We’ve found that giving hourly employees control over the hours they work can have a big impact on job satisfaction. Has anyone seen this in action?
  • Q6: The big global sporting event on the horizon is the Olympics – what would you suggest employers do to help minimize unplanned absences around this time?
  • Q7: Ok…fess up – what sport are you most likely to call in sick over? If not a sport, what activity would you most like to undertake on a day off?

If you’ve never participated in a Tweet Chat before, here are some logistical tips:

  • Sign up for twitter if you don’t already have an account.
  • We suggest using a free tool called to facilitate your participation in the chat.  Enter the hashtag without the “#” (kronoschat) for this event where indicated at the top of the homepage.   Note that you don’t have to add the “#” as does that for you.
  • You can tweet directly from, which will automatically include the hashtag (#kronoschat)  at the end of your tweets for you. The tool will display all tweets using our hashtag  in sequence, real-time and conveniently filtering out the noise from your twitter home feed.
  • Please answer questions in the following format: (A1: Answer goes here #kronoschat). Answers to questions must   include “A” and the question number. If you simply want to comment or reply to another’s response then there is no need to include A and number.
  • Please be sure to include the following hashtag in all tweets: #kronoschat. This hashtag allows Twitter users to participate and follow the Tweet Chat.  Again, if you use, it will supply the hashtag for you.

Hope to see you Monday!

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