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Simple Math: Big Data – Big Focus = Big Failure

As technology advances allow us to analyze every aspect of business operations, many companies are inundated with data. Although we celebrate the advances in technology, this “data revolution” has also blurred the line between valuable insight and mundane non-value added information. As a result, many companies are now buried in indecipherable numbers. To successfully pierce through the mountains of useless data and focus on the strategic insights, it is critical businesses have the tools to translate heaps of distracting data into useful information.

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HR Software Implementations: Customize Your Mindset, Not the Software

Mistakenly, many organizations start a software implementation thinking about how they can modify the new software to match their existing processes (i.e.: customize it). However, experience has shown me that this is nearly always the most expensive way to implement a new software platform (and the most expensive way to maintain it) for human resources or payroll functions. Rather, organizations should consider this question: if the existing processes and workflows are working so well, why are we investing in a new system at all?

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Workforce Trends Advice Videos for SMB Organizations

SaasHR video seriesSaaShr (a Kronos company) is launching an educational series of videos to help small and medium sized organizations navigate a wide range of business issues they face in managing their employees.  I wrote about some of the trends facing SMB organizations in a recent article I did for the Huffington Post.  Having been in the technology industry for over 30 years, I’ve had a lot of experience in deploying technology solutions in everything from 50 person companies to the largest companies in the world.  One thing I’ve learned is that smaller doesn’t necessarily mean less complex.  If anything, smaller companies may need even more sophisticated tools to support their lean operations.

The Workforce Trends video series will feature an array of  workforce management experts who deploy solutions for their customers every day.  From the Affordable Care Act to mobile, cloud, big data and outsourcing, these experts have already “been there and done that”.  You can tune in here to check out the first video in the series, with advice on what SMB organizations need to know to be in compliance with the Affordable Care Act.


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