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Celebrating the Workforce – QA Brewing Technician #1in100MM

If ever there were a perfect union of education and passion, Briana Francisco nailed it when she put her science degrees to work in the craft beer industry:

As a fan of complex brews, Briana found her post-college calling when she landed a job at Deschutes Brewery in Bend, Oregon. In fact, Briana was so sure of her path, she packed up her life in Minnesota and headed to Deschutes sight-unseen — and she doesn’t regret it for a second. The “fun science” of beer keeps Briana engaged, challenged, and committed to creating consistently delicious beers.

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Celebrating the Workforce – Vice President of Security #1in100MM

See how Troy Mitchum taps into his diverse job history to lead a team of 400 security professionals who keep about 25,000 guests a day safe at one of Las Vegas’ hottest resorts – all in the latest episode of 1 in One Hundred Million:

Working your way up, climbing the career ladder…whatever you want to call it, it’s a trajectory Troy knows well. In 1985, he arrived at the Wynn, Las Vegas as a mail room clerk. Stints as a pool-cleaner, towel-folder, bellman, and more followed. And today, as Vice President of Security, Troy wouldn’t change a thing about his jack-of-all-trades career path – “It’s very important to where I am today,” he says.

Celebrating the Workforce – Miner & Environmental Manager #1in100MM

See how Dana Sue Kimbal and her team move 70,000 tons of ore every day in pursuit of silver in the latest episode of 1 in One Hundred Million:

Chances are, there’s some silver within reach of you right now. It’s ubiquitous – in our jewelry, coins, and solar panels. But as a miner and environmental manager, Dana Sue knows not to take it for granted. She knows exactly how hard-won a single ounce of silver is. And that’s why she’s so passionate about the teaching aspect of her job — educating the next generation of miners is as important to her as each day’s dig.