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Employee Burnout & Fatigue – Tweet Chat Highlights

employeeburnoutWe had a very engaging tweet chat today regarding employee burnout and fatigue in the workplace. A number of thought leaders weighed in on how burnout affects employees and their employers; best practices on how to help prevent employee burnout/fatigue; how technology plays a role; and more.

You can view the entire tweet chat below (as well as here), or search via #KronosChat on Twitter. We’d love to know what you think about this topic – tweet us using #KronosChat, or comment below to share your thoughts.

Five Tips to Keep Your Employees Healthy

HH CollageFebruary is American Heart Month and, here at Kronos, we take this initiative seriously – especially on National Wear Red Day. This year, to help do our part in raising awareness about heart disease, Kronites all over the world sported their best red attire via photos shared to the Kronos Live Inspired Facebook page. For each photo uploaded, Kronos contributed to the American Heart Association to help further research and education about heart disease. Check out this year’s album here.

While February’s emphasis on heart health is great, having a healthy program in place for your employees year-round is critical. Healthy employees take fewer sick days, lower your healthcare costs, and are more productive workers. Here are five quick tips you can implement in your workplace to keep your employees healthy – and happy!

1.)    Offer Healthy Food Options

The cafeteria, communal snack drawer, and so on can be an all-too-tempting place for employees on a diet, or those just trying to eat better. Support them by offering healthier options such as salads, fruit, yogurt, granola bars, and nuts, to name a few. Healthier foods also provide extra staying power, keeping workers energized throughout the day.

2.)    Help Them Quit Smoking for Good

Here at Kronos, we participate in an effective program called Quit for Life. Did you know smokers are six times more likely to suffer heart attacks? Help your employees quit for good with a program that helps them live without tobacco once and for all.

3.)    Provide an Active Workspace 

Sitting at a desk for eight (or more) hours a day is not healthy for anybody. Consider treadmill desks and standing desks to provide options to break up a long day of sitting.  (We even have stability ball chairs in one of our conference rooms). Incorporating even just a few active workspaces throughout the office can keep many of your employees healthier, happier, and more motivated at (and outside of) work.

4.)    Promote a Work-Life Balance

Being overworked and chronically stressed can lead to high blood pressure and an increased heart rate – not to mention a poor outlook on work. Offering your employees options to balance work and life is key in helping to decrease their stress levels, improve their health, and give them a more positive attitude toward their job.

5.)    Be Active Together!

Coordinating fun, physical activities for your employees not only encourages team-building and bonding – it also inspires everyone to be a little more active. Kickball leagues, regular yoga classes at the office, Battle of the Intern competitions, and group walks during lunch are just a few ways to get your team moving, together.

How do you keep your employees active, motivated, and healthy at work?

A Little Absence Management Humor

A little absence management humor