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The Week That Was – 10/5/12

It’s been raining all week here in the Boston area, but the sun is finally out today and the BLS says unemployment has dropped to 7.8% – a 3 1/2 year low. The main thing I’m thinking about as this week draws to a close is my trip next week to Orlando.  No, I won’t be visiting the divine rodent, but I will be enjoying our annual sales kickoff with several hundred revved up members of our field organization.  We had a great FY12 and all signs point to an equally successful year ahead.  Higher employment is good for everybody, but especially if you make your living in workforce management.

Interesting stuff on the radar this week:

We think of using customer testimonials to get new customers…but what about to inspire employees?

Finding a link between HR and the history of tuna fish is no small feat.

Regardless of who you were rooting for, the presidential debate on Wednesday night was all about jobs – and who considers who a “job killer”. The Kronos Retail Labor Index came out this week and showed that hiring remains sluggish in the retail industry – at least for now.

SHRM is doing a cool video series. This one has an interview with Tom Brokaw about generational differences in the workplace, a topic we’ve talked about in the past with Meagan and Larry Johnson, authors of Generations, Inc.

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More jobs for class of 2013 than class of 2012 via @TodayMoney

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In tech jobs market, data analysis is tops via @USATODAY #bigdata

Check out my fellow social(media)ites at Kronos:

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Fewer People Applying For #Jobs In The #Retail Sector

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Day One of HR Tech

Welcome to the city of sin (which is actually Lynn, Massachusetts), but I’ll let Las Vegas take the honors this week. According to organizer Bill Kutik’s opening remarks, this is their largest turnout yet at over 4000 attendees.

The keynote speaker, John Boudreau, gave a solid talk on evidence-based change efforts as a teaser for his new book, Transformative HR. I had the chance to speak to him briefly after the opening session and thanked him for his endorsement of our soon-to-be-published book Elements of Successful Organizations.

John’s remarks called out five key areas that HR professionals need to master to drive meaningful change in their organizations:

Logic Driven Analytics– Is the data used, sought out by the business?
Do leaders use the data to make better decisions? Tap mental models that business leaders already use; i.e. supply chain for talent management. This point disturbed some of the tweeters in the audience in audience who see perjorative implications to treating humans as “capital” but the point stands that data is the language of business.

Optimization – Focus investments where you can drive the greatest incremental return.

Segmentation – No one size fits all answer for HR? You need to segment talent strategies according to needs of business.

Risk leverage – How can HR systems better serve creative risk taking that leads to innovation? Many of the social networking conversations here make it clear that leaders are still shy about increasing transparency, yet harnessing the wisdom of your organization to drive innovation depends on it.

Integration and Synergy – John’s point here was about the importance of deeper and meaningful integration across HR systems. The really interesting example he shared, however, point to the opportunities to radically rethink your systems. Shanda Games rebuilt it’s talent management system as a massive multiplayer game, awarding points for employee contributions to the business.

I enjoyed John’s talk. The more HR folks seek a seat at the table, the more the answer remains the same – speaking the language of business and leveraging successful models from outside of HR is the key to relevance.

I saw Matthew Hanwell from Nokia speak on their social media strategy a couple of years ago, so it was interesting to get an update on the progress of social media programs at Nokia. Their key drivers remain the same – openness, participation, interaction and engagement. What they’ve also found is that as tools proliferated, their utility declined as isolated islands of information were the result.

In response, Nokia simplified and standardized their social media portfolio. They’ve also stressed the need for senior leadership to legitimize the tools through their own participation – soliciting, reflecting on, and commenting on employee communications. They use tools to visualize where active conversations are happening, identify opinion leaders, and note conversations that are growing – and then feed that insight back to leadership team. This was an interesting link back to John Boudreau’s talk this am re: how HR tech can help connect leadership to the wisdom of the team.

There were jugglers with chain saws at lunch, but this was not as exciting as the best product award Kronos won for our mobile product. I had the pleasure of spending time with China Gorman, former COO of SHRM, talking about her personal social media projects.

The final session of the day I attended was a success story with Lowe’s talking about their successful deployment of Kronos for workforce management. One of their big payoffs has been in their use of accessible Analytics to guide decision making at the store level.

A long but energizing day. Off to dinner with a dozen Kronites…

Kronos @HR Tech 2009

Here are a few pictures from the Kronos booth at HR Tech. Can you spot any familiar faces?

Steve Earl, Molly Beams and Aron Ain