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Xie Xie, Kronos China

As my week in Beijing draws to a close, I have a lot of people I’d like to say  “xie xie”  (thank you) to.

Windy and Max – it is a pleasure to be on your team.  I’ve enjoyed our planning over the last year, and am elated to see your plans become reality.  I was delighted to be part of your lively and exciting launch.

For our board members in China – I was honored to meet every one of you.  You are all pioneers in your professions.  I’m confident your passion for working together to bring workforce management ideas and best practices to China will help many Chinese organizations reach new levels of productivity.

To the Kronos team in Beijing, I thank you for your warm hospitality and your challenging questions during our meeting on Tuesday.  You guys are a great team.  Your enthusiasm for growing our company is contagious.

Last – thank you Sue for sharing the Great Wall, the Summer Palace and your personal perspective on China with me.  I know all of your dreams will come true!

Welcome to the Workforce Institute in China

Today’s the day we launch the Workforce Institute in China. I’ve been talking to my colleagues in China about this for a few years, and am thrilled to be moving forward with this.  I’ll provide an update on our first board meeting later this week.

Read on for the press release:

CHELMSFORD, Mass. and BEIJING, China, April 10, 2013 — At a press conference in Beijing today, The Workforce Institute™ at Kronos Incorporated announced the launch of The Workforce Institute at Kronos in China, which aims to explore Chinese workforce issues that have an important impact on productivity and performance for organizations. Through expertise and intensive research, The Workforce Institute in China will empower organizations with best practice, in-depth knowledge and practical advice for optimizing their workplace.

News Facts

  • The Workforce Institute in China is a spin-off of the successful Workforce Institute in the United States, which launched in 2006. The Workforce Institute in the United States has an active blog, a diverse body of research, and two published books.
  • Primary research initiatives of The Workforce Institute in China will address workforce management issues impacting the entire workforce, including hourly and salaried employees.
  • An advisory board of local academics, visionaries, and practitioners will spearhead the initiatives of The Workforce Institute in China. The first board meeting was held in Beijing to discuss the major challenges of Chinese workforce management and set a calendar for research and publications.
  • In addition to research, the board members of The Workforce Institute will publish articles and insights at

Supporting Quotes

  • Joyce Maroney, managing director, The Workforce Institute at Kronos

“There is a lot of research about issues that impact the salaried workforce, but significantly less about subjects that impact hourly employees. The Workforce Institute is dedicated to providing innovative and valuable content, leveraging our research methodology to elevate organizational perception of the importance of the hourly workforce to the success of the organizations that employ them.”

  • Maxwell Miao, general manager, Kronos Greater China

“Increasing global competition, the evolution and transformation of the Chinese workforce, and the changing dynamics of the China workplace make this broad view imperative and timely. Through intensive research, The Workforce Institute in China is committed to empowering organizations with methodology and information to help them control labor costs and improve competitiveness.”