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Podcast: Leadership for Humans

I think leadership is about being human in a world of humans. It’s not about getting the best from your employees. It’s about creating human relationships that enable the best with your employees.

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Can a Business Leader, Without HR Experience, Run HR?

When a CEO asks a business leader to run HR, the most frequent response is ‘What did I do wrong?’ It’s not seen as a desirable role; it’s seen as punishment. Of course, they haven’t had a chance to think it through, but that’s the first reaction.”

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Podcast with Andy Brantley: Finding Future Leaders While Managing Change

I had a great conversation this week with our board member, Andy Brantley.  Andy is the CEO of CUPA-HR, and spends a lot of his time helping HR professionals in higher education by providing the knowledge, resources, advocacy and connections they need to achieve organizational and workforce excellence.

Andy contributed a chapter to our latest book, Elements of Successful Organizations, regarding what organizations can do to find and develop the leaders they need now – and in the future.   In it, he discusses the challenges that organizations face in a VUCA world; i.e. one characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.  He posits that leaders who can manage successfully in the VUCA world need not only time-tested skills like the ability to learn, assimilate and build, but also the ability to embrace new technologies and techniques like smart mob organizing to unleash the power of their teams and organizations.

Of course you should read the book.  But if you’d like to hear from the author himself, you can listen in on our discussion here: June 11 Discussion with Andy Brantley