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How Can HR & Marketing Build Your Brand Together?

william tincup cartoonHappy (Almost) New Year everybody.  And welcome to the last podcast of 2014.  Coming soon – a new year, new resolutions, and hopefully some new inspiration to drive us all to do some great stuff at work.  In this podcast, I’m chatting with William Tincup, Principal Analyst at Key Interval.  William started Key Interval this year to provide HR professionals with “disciplined, pragmatic research to help practitioners separate fact from anecdote.”

William has been working with HR pros and the people who sell to them for many years. This gives him a unique perspective on today’s topic – that is how marketing and HR could work together to create cohesion between organizational and employee branding.  Your brand is your promise of value – to customers and employees.  More importantly, your brand reputation is the sum of all the interactions that customers and employees have with you.  What are you doing to burnish that brand?

Listen to the podcast below for our take on these questions, among others:

  • How can HR leverage marketing content to build the employment brand?
  • How does HR help Marketing to build an organization’s public brand?
  • How do you manage your brand as an employer in the social media age?
  • Analytics is the way forward to less waste and more results -how does that play out for HR?

Relevant Links:

William Tincup – Is a Chief Brand Officer Necessary?

Podcast with David Creelman on how big data can enhance HR practices






A Conversation About Making Big Data Small

big data whisperer
I recently had the opportunity to interview  Aram Faghfouri, senior data scientist at Kronos; Holger Mueller, vice president and principal analyst at Constellation Research; and David Wright, vice president of architecture at Kronos, about the challenges and rewards associated with making big data small.  Everybody’s talking about Big Data, which is increasingly becoming a major strategic focus for firms that sell technology and consulting services.  The mountain of data that the former help organizations create provides an equally large opportunity for the latter to help interpret.

For many organizations, mining their transactional data for analytical “pots of gold” can seem both daunting and potentially dangerous when they begin to contemplate issues like data security and privacy.  Aram, Holger and Dave shared their views on the following topics that may help you transform your mountain of data into nuggets of insight:

  • What kinds of data are valuable to workforce management leaders;
  • Practical advice on how to get started;
  • Privacy concerns and projections for how they will be addressed; and
  • The skills gap surrounding big data and strategies for finding success.

 You can listen to our conversation here.

What are you doing to leverage data to transform your workplace?

Talking about the Affordable Care Act with Dr. Tim Porter-O’Grady

This week I spoke with our board member, Dr. Tim Porter-O’Grady about the implications of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) for healthcare providers and for employers.  If your organization employs more that 50 full time equivalent employees, you are no doubt already grappling with what you’ll need to do to comply with the act.

Tim, who consults with healthcare providers around the country, has a deeply informed perspective on what the ACA will mean for workers and employers.  In our conversation, Tim reflects on the increasing responsibility that healthcare providers have to ensure their services are delivering the best possible outcomes for the money spent even as the pressure is applied to employers to ensure that employees can get the heath services they need at an affordable cost.

You can listen to a podcast of our conversation here: PPACA compliance podcast

In order to ensure compliance with the ACA and the drive toward evidence-based medical practice, both healthcare providers will be increasingly dependent on technology to track costs and predict outcomes.  Other resources that might be useful to you and your organization in understanding the ACA:

Navigating the Affordable Care Act: Avoiding Penalties  and Minimizing Costs – Kronos Webinar on March 6 at 11:00 am PT/2:00 pm ET

Mercer Report:  Health Care Reform After the Decision.  Mercer surveyed 1,215 US employers shortly after the Supreme Court decision last summer upholding the act.  This report provides a brief overview of the provisions of the act relating to employer responsibility for providing employees with affordable health insurance as well as those employers’ assessments of the financial impact the Act will have on business.

As Ben Franklin famously noted, “An ounce of prevention is worth of pound of cure”.  What’s your organization doing to prepare for the ACA?  And what are you doing to help employees manage their own health?