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Building a Retention Strategy for Hourly Workers

If you’ve subscribed to the common belief that there’s not much you can do to reduce high turnover among your hourly workers, you might be pleasantly surprised to learn that there are organizations who’ve been successful in doing so. And if you aren’t sure how much it’s costing you now to churn the hourly workforce, you may be in for a rude awakening.

Here at the Workforce Institute, we believe that supervisors can reduce the cost and risk associated with high turnover rates. Improving retention of your good hourly employees can save money, increase revenue, and improve the customer experience. Over the next twelve months, we’ll post a series of articles on how to build a retention strategy for this important asset, the hourly workforce.

We encourage you to comment on the site and share your tips and tricks with other managers. Set up an RSS feed to receive the monthly installments on this topic. At the end of the year, the articles will be compiled into a book for Workforce Institute website visitors.

If you’re ready to deploy strategies to reduce unplanned turnover and increase the retention of the hourly employees, start here and now by downloading Retaining Your Best Hourly Workers.

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