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Finding Job Candidates With the Right Fit

Did you know that the failure rate for hiring for hourly jobs can top 50%?  The good news is that the frequency and cost of these mistakes can be minimized. 

Hiring managers often oversimplify what successful job performance entails, and consequently hire candidates based on the wrong criteria.  In addition, they don’t make effective use of staffing assessment tools to evaluate what candidates have done, what they can do, and what they want to do.  

This article, which first appeared in Talent Management Magazine, discusses why companies continue to make so many poor hires and outlines strategies to help find candidates that are the best fit.   Since hiring errors are so costly and time-consuming, this reprint is a must-read.

Download it now for free.

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  1. Bob Christy #

    Failure rate for hiring for hourly jobs at 50% and then based on wrong criteria….needs fixed

    July 27, 2012

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