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A New Business Imperative: Managing the 21st Century Workforce

While the industrial model of human resources management prevailed through the late 20th century, the subsequent rise of a global, knowledge-based economy has created a far different set of requirements for managing the workforce of the 21st century.

To sustain a position of leadership and financial success, organizations must be able to attract, motivate, and retain a talented workforce encompassing diverse skills and perspectives. The surest way to accomplish this is by offering employees a flexible package of compensation, benefits, work conditions, career development opportunities, and work/life choices that can be customized to suit each employee’s aspirations and preferences.

With the increased flexibility and choice, however, comes the need to manage greater complexity. Recognizing that traditional methods of human resources management are poorly suited to the challenge, many organizations are implementing integrated human resources management solutions that leverage the power of technology to manage all aspects of the workforce in close alignment with corporate goals, strategies, and policies.

Download A New Business Imperative: Managing the 21st Century Workforce.

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