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The Challenge at Hand: Balancing Work and Family. What Makes “The Best Places” Different?

Do you think that workforce flexibility and the opportunity to balance work and family should be available not just to professional, salaried workers but to employees in hourly jobs as well? People who work in hourly jobs, especially if they are working mothers, find that achieving work-family balance is a daunting challenge. And part-timers might actually be juggling multiple jobs or work and school, so they struggle to achieve work-family balance as well.

In this article, authors Ruth Bramson and Jared Bernstein explain the rationale for why employers should help hourly workers achieve work-family balance. They discuss the history and evolution of the issue, and they present a set of ideas and practices currently being successfully used by companies such as MITRE and McDonald’s in the UK.

Offering workplace flexibility is rapidly becoming a competitive advantage in the recruitment and retention of employees in both salaried and hourly jobs. To read The Challenge at Hand: Balancing Work and Family  download the complete article.

Both authors are members of the Workforce Institute’s Board of Advisors.

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