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Wicked Bad Boston Storm…

We had a big enough storm on Sunday and Monday, that Kronos corporate headquarters in Chelmsford was closed on Monday.  The sign below, posted on a friend’s facebook page, says it all.

Overqualified and Underrated?

Our board member, David Creelman, provided today’s guest blog post:

This article in Management Issues cites research showing overqualified workers stay as long or longer and perform better than candidates who are supposedly a better fit.

Organizations hiring hourly workers should check if their branding discourages “overqualified” workers from applying or if the selection processes screen them out. If a highly capable individual wants to work in a relatively low-paying job, for whatever reason, you are hurting your own organization if you rule them out.

I once knew a successful corporate manager who, fed up with the stress, threw it all in and went to work as a clerk in a grocery store. He was overqualified but psychologically very happy with the move (his wife had other opinions, but that’s a different part of the story).

There may be a pool of really excellent hourly workers in the marketplace that organizations have been ignoring for the ironic reason that they thought these people were too good.

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