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What I Must Do Every Friday

The picture here is of my Book.  The Book is my North Star, my compass, my magic wand for imposing order on chaos.  I have had a Book of one sort or another since I was about 8 years old.  As a kid, the book was about my observations of the world, a record of things I didn’t want to forget about.  I wrote to myself about the space program, becoming a spy, becoming a witch, becoming a doctor.  In high school, college, and grad school my Books began to transform from a record of long term wishes to the short term tactical strategies needed to attack and conquer my academic responsibilities.

In 1983 I started my first job in high tech sales, selling timesharing services for Control Data.  I kept the notes from all of my sales calls, my to do lists, progress against my quarterly sales quota, etc. In the 30 years since,  I’ve tried highly structured note-taking “systems” like  the Franklin Planner, but mostly  have used plain lined paper that allows me to structure my time and tasks in a way that makes sense to me.   For the last ten years or so, the Book has been a black Coach portfolio.  This baby is my favorite of all times – with multiple pockets inside and a zipper around the whole thing so stuff doesn’t fall out.  In one of its “secret” compartments, I keep notes and photos from my husband and children that remind me who I am outside of work.

The secret of the Book is that there is a code of the Book.  At all times, the book contains a to-do list of long term objectives in order to keep me focused on my more strategic goals.  Throughout the week as I attend meetings, do email, read articles, talk to people, or have occasional bursts of inspiration, I make copious notes.  More importantly, I code the things I have to take action on.  If I put a double asterisk on that puppy, that puppy is getting done. Every Friday, for at least 30 years, I create my to-do list for the coming week.  I review the strategic to-do list, and schedule the tactical items that have to be addressed in the coming week to meet my commitments.

Folks who’ve worked for me over the years will tell you that I’m relentless on following up, that I don’t forget things.  I forget lots of things, but the Book has a very long memory.

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March Malaise

Though I possess no sports fan genes whatsoever, even I know we’re in the midst of March Madness.  Everybody’s making their picks and excited about the outcome of the tournament.  (Is that what you even call it?)

I, on the other hand, am struggling with March Malaise.  The snow and rain just keep coming.  You’ve heard  that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.  If this source is correct, the origin of the expression comes from the stars.  Specifically, March begins as the Constellation Leo is crossing toward the meridian. Leo is the Lion. As Leo marches away, the Constellation Aries begins to rise toward the end of the month. Aries is the ram.”

Hmmm, this weather certainly feels more ram-y, then lamb-y to me.  And on top of that, we don’t have another federal holiday until Memorial Day weekend – another nine weeks away.  In Punxsutawney,  they’re even suing groundhog Phil in over his inaccurate forecast of the arrival of spring.  I predict the first day the temperature goes above 60 degrees here in Massachusetts, we’re going to have a lot of desperate people suddenly “coming down with something”.

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Talking with William Tincup and Sharlyn Lauby about mobile workforce management

Last week, I spoke with our board members Sharlyn Lauby (aka the HR Bartender) and William Tincup (so many aliases, I don’t know where to start) about the future of mobile workforce management.  At Kronos, we’ve invested in smartphone and tablet solutions that enable managers and employees to take action on common tasks like punching in and out, scheduling shifts, approving  timecards, and the like.  Frontline managers are thereby freed to “manage in the moment” while going about their daily routines, untethered from their office computers.

We’re seeing rapid adoption of mobile technologies at Kronos and in the world at large.  As consumers become more wedded to the conveniences of mobile devices for communication and entertainment, they increasingly expect to experience similar conveniences in the workplace.

We talked about the following questions that are top of mind for organizations using (or thinking about using) mobile technology to extend their workforce management environment:

  • What are the barriers to adoption of mobile technology?
  • Is the tablet more important than the smartphone as a mobile device for workforce management?
  • What issues should employers consider before they implement a mobile solution for employees?
  • How do we see mobile evolving in the coming years?  (Check out this very cool, some might say space age even, view of the future from Corning Glass).

You can listen in on our discussion here: Mobile podcast 3.7.13

Are you using mobile technology on the job?  What are the pros and cons?