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October 22, 2008 Minutes

Joyce kicked off the meeting by giving the highlights of Kronos’ FY08 fiscal year. She also shared the company’s 3 strategic goals for FY09 and gave insight into some of the research recently conducted by Bain on customer buying behaviors (functional, value and ease buyers) and how we see it impacting our business in the coming year. Kronos’ FY09 strategic goals are:

1. Extend our Leadership in Workforce Management

2. Build Globally

3. Grow the Talent Management Business

Updates from Board Members

We wanted to hear from our Board members about what work they have been conducting that might be applicable to the WFI.

Mel Kleiman

Spending lots of time working with clients on on-boarding with a focus on keeping employees for that critical first 30 days.

Deb McGrath

Focused on’s membership database and getting disparate technologies to work well together to create increased reporting capabilities.

Ruth Bramson

Focused on exploring new corporate partnerships for Girl Scouts. Realizing more and more that employees judge their employer in many ways by how they engage with the community and that corporate philanthropy is becoming a powerful retention tool. Recently contributed byline to The Boston Business Journal on the topic.

Pat Moquin

Revamping Kronos’ staffing service delivery model with a focus on collaboration and accountability. Has hired a senior director of worldwide staffing and is outsourcing sourcing efforts to The Right Thing, Inc. to help get passive candidates in the door.

Russell Klosk

Spending a fair amount of his time working with the US Navy helping them to build a workforce management/time and attendance solution for their 53,000 person workforce. Also just finishing up a book on global talent management which will be published by the AMA.

Steve Hunt

Spending lots of time looking at how to get hourly workers fully engaged. Recently attended a Gallup conference and highly recommends the book Human Sigma. Steve sees scheduling software as having the ability to play a key role in getting employees engaged, sees opportunity for Kronos.

Possible contest idea: Innovations for engaging your hourly workforce: Show us what you do and why it works.

“Enlightened scheduling and staffing” – allows employees to be fully present on the job. As a manager – how do you help employees escape into the workplace?

Jared Bernstein

Not surprisingly, has been very focused on the current economic crisis. Serving as an informal advisor to the Obama campaign and helping Obama sort through the things that the next president will need to be ready to address upon taking office. Has also been working on his chapter for the WFI book, a descriptive analysis of the hourly workforce over the last 25+ years. Initial key finding: wage penalty has more than doubled bt. 1979 and 2007. Jared solicited feedback from board members on his initial findings in a variety of categories and is continuing to research the piece.

Ed Colby

IHRIM just finished up issue on Talent Management; would like to do an issue next year on analytics.

David Creelman

Writing articles, taking part in webinars, conducting training and generally communicating new “HR stuff.” Has seen a lot done in the last few months on how countries conduct recruiting “in-country”, has not found vast differences. Referenced Peter Cappelli’s new book Talent on Demand: Managing Talent in an Age of Uncertainty, and his theory that there is really nothing new in talent management. Russell, Steve and Deb expressed disagreement with this theory. Discussion ensued on companies that value talent over jobs or vice versa and how it impacts their talent management strategies. David suggested it would be interesting to profile managers who are successful in each of these kinds of companies.

Fred Foulkes

Has been working on looking at the globalization of boards. A very small percentage of organizations have global representation on their boards although most companies claim to be or want to be global. Also looking at what things companies are doing to help employees through this economic crisis – sometimes even becoming lenders themselves.

Reviewed WFI Progress

Joyce and Laura reviewed content and PR metrics from the last 6 months. PR continues to be a leading benefit of the Institute for Kronos and content has been strong. Board members are encouraged to provide guest blogs and link their blogs to the WFI blog.

Book Update

Content we have:

· Giovannelli: Intro and overview

· Creelman and Hunt: The role of the frontline manager

· Hunt: Different types of work, different types of workers

· Kleiman: Finding and hiring the best hourly workers

· Klosk: Hiring for retention

· Lett: Employee Empowerment (not publicized yet)

Remaining content:

· Foulkes: Case study on Kronos customer and why they made the decision to buy

· Bernstein: The Changing Demographics of the hourly workforce

· McGrath and Klosk: Workforce Management in China – response to surveys has not been good. Deb will see how latest reminder did and if it looks like it will not yield good results, Joyce will reach out to Professor Yang to gauge his interest on contributing something.

· Bramson and Maroney: Public-private partnerships

· McGrath: The use of social media in recruiting

· Klosk – Using your frontline workforce to drive productivity

John Anderson Overview of Kronos for Retail

John Anderson, Retail Global Practice Leader at Kronos, provided the group with an overview of Kronos’ suite of products and services for the retail industry.


Talked with group about how to focus our surveys for FY09. All agreed that addressing the current economic conditions is important. Some possible ideas:

· Is your company closing between Christmas and New Years (note: we asked this last year in our Dec. survey)

· Is your company cancelling its holiday party?

· Positive stories/bright spots around the economy: ex: long term care still booming

· What are you doing to ensure your family’s financial future?

· How have your plans for retirement changed? Is your 401K now a 201K?

· Set up a gender or age split on a question like; Does your boss give you enough feedback? Are you comfortable using various types of technology?

· Technology question like; What’s your access to technology at work? Internet? Facebook? LinkedIn? Etc. (Lots already exists on wasting time at work)

· Keep an eye on the employee free choice legislation

Other things to consider:

· Offering WFI grants for research? Fred Foulkes could be contact here

· Partnering with SHRM or

· Partnering with BU or Cornell hospitality school

Primary Research Update

Kristin Charles, Kronos Assessment Scientist, joined us to give an update on our primary research project which will hopefully be included in some way in the book we are compiling.

Phase 1: Conducting interviews with frontline employees and managers at 2 retailers and 2 healthcare facilities to determine which questions should be included in the Phase 2 online survey. Have completed interviews at the retailers, interviews at healthcare facilities are scheduled to start this month.

Major challenge has been getting subjects to take the time to do the interviews. Many have had to be rescheduled because subject is needed in their primary jobs at the allotted interview time. Team anticipates that getting subjects to complete the survey in Phase 2 will also be challenging.

Aim to wrap up interviews by the end of the year and field the survey in early 2009. Currently recruiting participants for survey. Steve Hunt recommends asking why they chose to apply to their current job. Fred Foulkes recommends asking how they heard about the job/got the job. Deb McGrath suggests the idea of a Webinar to drive involvement and get some immediate feedback – would work with employers/customers but not with frontline employees.

Initial finding of interest: Big Y stores has a FTE at each location called an “Employee Service Representative” who is on staff to be an advocate for employees and make sure they are getting what they need. This has been extremely successful. In addition, Big Y provides lots of training opportunities for employees to better learn their own jobs or to see what other areas of the store are like and potentially transfer if they prefer them.


Joyce to propose a few dates in April for next meeting being mindful of school vacations.

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