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Podcast: How Whistler Blackcomb Delivers a Memorable Mountain Adventure – One Employee at a Time

whistlerRecently, I spoke with Joel Chevalier, Director of Employee Experience at Whistler Blackcomb, the top rated ski resort in North America.  As a premium hospitality venue, Whistler Blackcomb relies on their employees to deliver superb customer service at every possible touchpoint.  Many customers view Whistler as a trip of a lifetime. Their reviews on sites like TripAdvisor are overwhelming positive, with the majority describing a 5 star experience.  Of course their setting is beautiful, but delivering the experience they call a “memorable mountain adventure” happens one employee at a time.

I spoke to Joel about how Whistler does it.  What he described to me was a strategy for employee attraction, retention and motivation – on steroids.  During the peak ski period, they employ over 3800 people – about a third of whom are new each year.  Of their total workforce of 3800, about 3000 are seasonal.   Joel is responsible for making sure that the organization has enough of the right kind of people who can make that customer experience extraordinary.  You can listen in on our conversation below where we discuss the following:

  1. How do they find candidates to fill this seasonal spike?
  2. How do they keep their employees motivated – especially those with the less glamorous and visible jobs?
  3. The season is short – how do they develop the skills their new employees need to be successful?
  4. A lot of their employees are young, in fact many may be living away from home for the first time.  What types of supports do they provide to help their less experienced workers adjust to the world of work?

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It Takes a Village – The Leader’s Self Review

Today was the deadline to complete our self reviews – one of the initial steps of our annual performance management process.  As a leader, I always ask my team members to do their own self reviews before I do mine – so that I can verify our collective accomplishments for the year.  Which, of course, means that most of what I accomplished as a leader is due to the hard work and continuous excellent results produced by my team.  In this recent post on Forbes, Meghan Biro writes about what it takes to be a good leader.  She cites a few different criteria, but one that stood out for me was to “focus on people, not numbers”.

We’re very metrics driven at Kronos, including our annual employee engagement survey.  I’m proud to say that my team rated among the highest in the company – and in a company where engagement scores are already well beyond the best practice threshold.  As I rate my own performance and that of my team members, I’m still going to inspect what I expect because measurable results matter.  Our team had a great year this year and I’d like to think my leadership had something to do with that.  But I don’t take those results for granted, so I’ll  continue to work to earn the trust and loyalty of this great group of people every day.

Have a great weekend, everybody.  You’ve earned it!

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An Intern Reflects on 1 in One Hundred Million

1inonehundredmillionToday’s guest post is courtesy of Nicole Neves, a former Kronos intern who has joined our HR department as an employee.  In her post below, Nicole reflects on the impact her internship had on her decision to join Kronos and how her new position will allow her to make an impact on the workforce of the future – who, according to this article from the New York Times, need all the help they can get.

Will Smith said in an interview several years ago, “If you’re not making someone else’s life better, then you are wasting your time. Your life will become better by making other people’s lives better.”  That quote instantly came to my mind after viewing the “1 in One Hundred Million” video. In the workforce there are millions of people contributing to making someone else’s life better. Whether you are a developer, a salesman, a firefighter, a chef, an engineer or a recruiter, you are giving back to the organization you work for making their lives and their customers lives better.

This quote made me appreciate my job and the technology Kronos has to offer. We cater to the needs of nearly any industry to make managing their employees easier. At Kronos I was recently hired in the College Relations department. During the interview I was asked what interested me in the job. I told the interviewer that I wanted to help mold the lives and careers of students entering the workforce by giving them an unbelievable experience in the Kronos Internship Program. At that moment it dawned on me that the program can truly impact the future workforce and that’s a remarkable feeling. Take a second to reflect on the organization you work for and how you contribute, you’d be amazed how much more rewarding your projects and everyday tasks at work will become. And don’t forget to appreciate the work done by others because together we are all making a difference.