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What Do Your First Seven Jobs Predict?

Have you been seeing the “first seven jobs” meme on facebook and elsewhere?  Perhaps not surprisingly, many very famous and celebrated people started their careers in similar humble settings – as clerks, dishwashers, babysitters, lifeguards, etc.  These are entry level jobs that  don’t require advanced education.  Those first jobs, though, are critical to developing the skills needed in any workplace.  You need to show up on time.  You need to pay attention to the manager and deliver results – whether you feel like it or not on any given day.  And you learn that even the most humbling tasks can bring their own rewards when you do them well.

You also learn what you can and can’t tolerate at work.  You may learn that the thing you thought you’d love isn’t your thing after all.  Look at this list:

  1. Gift store clerk
  2. Payroll clerk at a fish plant
  3. Phlebotomist and lab tech in pathology lab
  4. Human genetics research assistant
  5. Research assistant at life sciences consulting firm
  6. High school science teacher
  7. Market researcher for chemical conglomerate

These are my first seven jobs.  Some I held for more than one year.  Numbers 3-7 represent what I thought I wanted to do with my life – which was to be a scientist.  In the end, I loved (still love) science, but found lab work too isolating to justify the time and expense of pursuing a PhD.  I went to business school instead and with job 7, began the 36 year run I’ve had in corporate environments.

What were your first 7 jobs – and what did they teach you?

Workplace Perk: Corporate Social Responsibility

IMG_1519In August, Kronites packed 890 backpacks for Citizen Schools – a non-profit organization that partners with middle schools across the United States to expand the learning opportunities for children in low-income communities. Over the next few weeks, these backpacks will be delivered to students at Browne and Wright middle schools in Chelsea, Massachusetts. Several Kronos customers and partners donated items for the bags, including Justice, Cognizant, Workforce Insight, and The WFC Group.

Here at Kronos, we are passionate about our Give Inspired initiatives. As a company, we believe it’s important to give back to our communities. For our employees, it gives them an opportunity to work together on an objective that has deep personal purpose for many.

It’s no surprise that Kronos’ Give Inspired program has our employees engaged. Last year, WeSpire conducted a survey on “The Evolution of Employee Engagement.” The survey found that 50% of respondents were interested in becoming more involved in their organization’s volunteer, sustainability, well-being, or social responsibility programs. 71% of employees under the age of 30 expressed a desire to be more involved.

While corporate social responsibility helps to engage (and retain) your current employees, a solid program can also help attract top talent. According to a 2014 Nielsen survey, 67% of employees prefer to work for a socially responsible company.

Ping pong tables and free snacks are nice, but many employees are looking for a way to give back. Whether your organization strives to support its local community or a more national (or even global!) cause, giving your employees the opportunity to get involved is quite the workplace perk.

Tell us: Does your company focus on social responsibility? Share your feedback in the comments section below.

Kronos’ Annual Employee Appreciation Picnic

Today, Kronos held our annual Employee Appreciation Picnic at our headquarters in Chelmsford, Massachusetts. Every summer, this event is a fun and much anticipated way for Kronites to come together, eat delicious food, play games, and simply hang out outside of the office. The location also couldn’t be more convenient: the picnic is held right in our building’s back parking lot!


This year’s event featured food trucks (Taco Party and Captain Marden’s), Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, lawn games, a mechanical bull, and some incredible raffle prizes – including gift cards to the spa, Lowe’s, and Starbucks, as well as Oakley and Tiffany sunglasses, an Amazon Echo, a Nutri Ninja Blender, a Callaway Golf Bag, a FitBit, and a yoga set.


This yearly event helps to not only bring Kronites together to have a good time, but also serves as an important reminder about how much their hard work is appreciated. The event is also during work hours, allowing Kronites to not miss time at home with their families.


Kronos offers their employees a breadth of healthy living benefits, and the activities at our annual picnic only echo our commitment to health and wellness. A basketball tournament, corn hole, and football were just a few of the games that helped to encourage employees to get out of their seats and be active. The raffle prizes we gave away also inspire a healthy, fun lifestyle.


To see all of the photos from today’s celebration, check out our Facebook album.

Thanks to all Kronos employees for attending this year’s picnic!