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The Monday-through-Friday Scheduling Dilemma

Changing employee scheduling practices is something that very few companies do well and many companies do poorly. Although challenging, getting out of your comfort zone and coming to terms with the fact that you are no longer a Monday-through-Friday operation is the key to turning your company into a more responsive, agile, and resilient operation.

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The Summertime Crunch

Our latest workforce survey reveals that 69% of US workers polled plan to take off time between Memorial Day and Labor Day.  This obviously presents challenges for employers who seek to keep their operations running smoothly throughout these peak vacation months.

According to our board member Steve Hunt, what employers should NOT do is discourage employees from  using their vacation.  This is especially true when managing employees in high stress jobs who might readily forego vacation if they thought it could adversely affect their careers.  There is quite a bit of empirical research showing that vacation plays an important role in keeping people physically healthy in terms of managing stress.   People who do not take vacation are likely to suffer decreased work performance and satisfaction over time.  Vacations really do allow us to “recharge” and avoid burn-out – as such they can be thought of playing a similar role for ensuring a long-term, effective workforce as ensuring employees’ work schedules allow them to get a reasonable amount of sleep.

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