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Singing Those Performance Review Blues

joyce and trollI know I whined about this last year, but somehow the annual performance review process never loses its sting.  Like the troll here I met at Weta Cave, the deadlines loom threateningly until the last few hours remain and the clock is ticking down to complete the reviews or end up on the non-compliance list.   Our HR leadership has embarked on a multi-phased effort to make this process more meaningful and effective, and I applaud that effort.  We are asked to assess both the “what” (measurable objectives) and the “how” (behavioral competencies) of each of our employees.  We’ve rolled out training across the company to all people managers to establish norms around management practices, including performance management.

That we value our employees and take their development seriously is a strength for Kronos.  We’ve been cited as a “best place to work” in Massachusetts (where we are headquartered) for several years, and are very proud of that.  Our employee engagement scores are up there with best-in-class organizations around the world.  We do a lot of things right as a company when it comes to engaging our employees.  This video about working at Kronos is an accurate assessment of what it’s like to work here.  Does everybody come skipping into work every day?  Of course not.  But as a 35-year corporate veteran, with the last 7 years at Kronos, I can attest that this is a special place to work.

Which is why I take my responsibilities as a people manager very seriously. I do deliver feedback in real time on a consistent basis, but also appreciate the value of a deeper conversation about performance and development.   So, I’ll woman-up and get those performance reviews submitted into the system today by the deadline.

And I’ll continue to look for opportunities to develop and thank my folks every day.  Starting with today.  Congratulations, Lauren, on this great feedback on the case study you produced!

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Performance Management Tips for Britney Spears

It’s performance review time at Kronos.  I’ve spent a fair amount of time in the 15 years I’ve been a manager giving feedback to people about how to improve their performance at work.  While every employee is unique, there are recurring themes that I’ve needed to address.

Here are a few (illustrated with celebrity examples) that those of you on either side of the performance appraisal equation may find useful in thinking about how to improve your own performance or that of your employees:

  1. Avoid “foot in mouth” syndrome.  This is for those who don’t think before they speak (or who speak without being properly prepared).   One of the best case studies in 2007 is Miss Teen USA South Carolina, Lauren Caitlin Upton – whose completely incomprehensible response to a question about the geographic ignorance of US high school students suggests that she will soon join the ranks of the  underprepared workforce.
  2. Admit to your mistakes, learn from them, move on.  Two words – Britney Spears.  
  3. Be a gracious loser.  No one is always right.  Even when you are right, you won’t always get the project funded, the extra resources, or even the credit that you’ve earned.  Try your hardest to win, but when you lose, conserve your energy for the next challenge.  Last night’s Iowa Caucus gave a few high profile candidates a (perhaps unexpected) opportunity to demonstrate grace in the face of defeat.  Here’s Hillary Clinton’s speech as an example.
  4. Performance improvement starts with self awareness.  Whether it’s listening to feedback from the boss, colleagues and customers or formal assessment testing, you can’t leverage your strengths or mitigate your weaknesses if you don’t know what they are.  Steve Carrell brilliantly demonstrates lack of self awareness as the hapless manager on The Office.
  5. Superior results often require taking some risks.  Walter Lewin, a physics professor at MIT, has become a media star based on his unconventional teaching methods.  Love him or hate him, Steve Jobs has made a career out of looking out over the horizon and creating solutions for needs consumers didn’t even know they had.

What’s the most useful feedback you’ve received during a performance appraisal?