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Empowering the Hourly Workforce Through Enterprise Workforce Management

Undertaking an enterprise workforce management initiative presents an opportunity to generate significant labor cost savings and potentially, increases in revenue.  The benefits to the manager and the organization are widely known, but don’t overlook the potential benefits to employees.

Since the typical enterprise workforce management project touches every employee in an organization, implementing such a solution presents an opportunity to improve the “day in the life” of all employees. If deployed properly, these systems can create a positive impact on employee attraction, motivation, and retention.

The Workforce Institute agrees with the author that companies can empower and motivate employees through workforce management. If you’ve deployed workforce management solutions, are benefits accruing to the employees and flowing back to the company?  We encourage you to comment on the site and share your tips and tricks with other managers.

If you want to learn more, download  Empowering the Hourly Workforce Through Enterprise Workforce Management and tell us what you think!

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